Annedraā€™s Bridal Babes šŸ’•


    Welcome to the custom purchasing page forĀ Annedra and her Bridal Babes.

    TheĀ Gardenia Dress in shades of purple has been selected for the bridesmaids along with the ļ»æIcy Belt.

    Please place your order for your dress below and select ā€œcustom colorā€ and your size. Be sure to use the size chart as this dress may run differently than standard dress sizes. As with most special occasion dresses, dresses may require alterations which are the client's responsibility. After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation order form where you will input the custom color swatch, train length, and no split as requested by the bride.

    Please make your purchase by December 15th, so we can stay on track with our timelines and ensure the dresses arrive on time.


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