Wedding Notes: Q&A With Veil By Dara

This week our founder and lead stylist, Ashley, got to sit down with the founder of Veil By Dara Adams, Dara Adams! Watch as they talk about breaking traditions and embracing personal style, elevating your wedding look, and more!


Q: What is Veil By Dara Adams?

A: “I’m a bridal fashion stylist and I work with brides and bridal parties! I help brides to refine their bridal look. We are in an age of social media and style, before it was just going into a shop and finding a dress and that’s it, but now brides have been really stepping it up! I want to help create a look that is authentic to them, there’s such a small idea of what ‘bridal’ is and I really just want women to break out of that! Do you!”


Q: What is the first step?

A: “The first step is always figuring out what your signature style is, and then we figure out how we can reflect that personality and that style in a bridal look!”


Q: Why did you start your company?

A: “I realized that there was not a lot of space for Black women in bridal . . . our voices, our leadership wasn’t really a thing. When Black brides would come [to the boutique I worked at] I could see the lack of service and knowledge and how to embrace Black women culturally and curves, shape, style, and sense of wanting. I wanted to give Black women the experience that they deserve and really value their dollar!”


Q: How does your company work?

A: “I make relationships with boutiques and designers and I find safe spaces for Black brides to go! People who work with me should know that I only point people to shops that I know are going to take care of you.”


Q: What are some of the bridal trends you're seeing?

A: “Some of my favorites are minimalism, like the clean gown . . . there’s so much opportunity for accessories! I’m a fan of sleeves when they are over-dramatic or over-the-shoulder!”


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Disclaimers: Some of the answers have been shortened or paraphrased, watch the full live on our Instagram to see full answers. None of the companies or people mentioned are sponsoring us, we are talking about brands we genuinely like!

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