Wedding Notes: Q&A With B Astonished

This week our founder and lead stylist, Ashley, got to sit down with the founder of B Astonished, Melissa! Watch as they talk about 2020 wedding tips, the new Wedding Belle Collection, and more!


Q: Is B Astonished a planning vendor or a decor vendor?

A: “Planning! We do full service wedding planning and event planning. We do designing as well but we reach out to vendors, like florists, to provide the stuff.”

Q: Can brides add their own special touch to smaller weddings?

A: “Yes, of course! There are so many different things you can do. We have had brides that have added a floral arch, open concept floral arch, a first dance . . . depending on what you are interested in, we still want to make that day special for you whether it’s 5 people, 10, or 50.”

Q: If my venue is all inclusive do I still need a planner or a day-of-wedding coordinator?

A: “I’m gonna recommend a planner because there is a big difference. A venue coordinator doesn’t help with stuff like selecting stationary, designing tablescapes, choosing bridesmaid dress colors. There are so many things that they don’t do that a planner does!”

Q: How can we include older family members or people who live further away in our wedding?

A: “Livestreaming has definitely changed the game with this, especially now! It’s a way to include people who are at a larger health risk or people who live far away and just can’t travel. You can even make it special by having your own livestream DJ!”

Q: How do you help your brides make the choice between postponing and still having a 2020 wedding?

A: “Every situation is unique, we really try to think of the venue, the guests, and costs. If you're a bride who had a lot of guests and many of them live far away, I might recommend postponing.If you have a small party and they all live locally, there are more 2020 options we can explore!”

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