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This week our founder and lead stylist, Ashley, got to sit down with the HitchSwitch team! They talk us through the process of changing your name!

Q: What is HitchSwitch?

A: HitchSwitch helps with the, honestly, boring and long process of changing your name. We try to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. We have our clients complete a short form and we take that information and put together a packet of the steps and forms to change your name in whatever state you’re in.

Q: What is the most important thing to update after changing your name?

A: Definitely your license, social security stuff, and passport. We call them the big 3 because you really want to do that as soon as possible! Next is credit card, voter registration, and any service you’re signed up for, like Netflix. 

Q: If your personal brand is using your maiden name, how do you switch?

A: You honestly don’t have to switch in the public forum, and if your brand is built and popular with that name, it might be easier to keep it like that. However, make sure to switch behind-the-scenes stuff like social security information and tax information to your new name!

Q: If you hyphenate your name, do you have to use both on everything?

A: We recommend keeping everything legal, like the big 3, all the same and using your full hyphenated name. However, on your social media or for other services you can probably choose one!

Q: Does the HitchSwitch box expire?

A: Nope! The box, package, and forms essentially never expire!

You can find HitchSwitch and look at their packages at https://www.hitchswitch.com/ and @hitchswitch on Instagram! Watch the whole interview at @bridalbabes on Instagram!

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