Bride Vibes: Q&A With Cordelia Cranshaw

This week our founder and lead stylist, Ashley, got to sit down with former Miss District of Columbia, Cordelia Cranshaw! They talk us through having a 2020 wedding, destination weddings, and more!


Q: How did you decide to still have a 2020 wedding?

A: “It was supposed to be a destination wedding, but more and more people kept canceling because of COVID, but we decided we still wanted to make that commitment so we just had a small ceremony, we are still planning to celebrate with a big party next year though!”


Q: What did you do with all the wedding money you saved?

A: “We literally spent it all on furniture! We did lose out on a little money because we were also dealing with vendors in Mexico, but we try to look at it as a blessing in disguise . . . so we took half of the money and furnished our entire home!”


Q: I saw you guys had masks on in the pictures, were they mandatory?

A: “Yeah we did! They weren’t mandatory but we really wanted to wear them for the culture and to emphasize the pandemic. We got cute ones that say just married on them!”


Q: What do you recommend for brides who had to postpone their wedding but still want to make the original date special?

A: “You can order a cake, or still say your vows or something. There is a lot you can do to still make that an important day and celebrate”

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Q:Why did you choose to do a destination wedding at first?

A: “I was really against it first, but my husband was all for it . . . but I had a coworker tell me her destination wedding was one of the best vacations her and her family had ever been on and I wanted to offer that to my family and friends!”


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Disclaimers: Some of the answers have been shortened or paraphrased, watch the full live on our Instagram to see full answers. None of the companies or people mentioned are sponsoring us, we are talking about brands we genuinely like!

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