5 Things You Can Do to Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning Process

In this blog post you will find 5 things you can do to jumpstart your wedding planning process. Let get into it!! 

He popped the question and you said “yes”, now what? Congratulations, Sis! Now it’s time to prepare for one of the best days of your life. Planning a wedding can be hard and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you properly plan and prepare for what’s to come.

1) Select a wedding date.

Start your wedding planning by first selecting a wedding date, so that you can know how much time you actually have to plan the wedding of your dreams. You should think of the time of year/season you’d like your date to be in to help drill down on a date. You can also think of symbolic dates that means something to you and your soon-to-be husband. Some people also select holidays such as the 4th of July and NYE to have a wedding. Talk dates over with your fiancé and decide what’s best.

2) Decide on having a Local or Destination Wedding.

Now that you have selected your wedding date, you can decide on whether you’d like to have a local or destination wedding. Please note, that destination does not have to mean on an island, but can also mean having a wedding in you or your significant others hometown near family and friends. Or selecting another state in general that may have the dream wedding venue that you’d like the wedding to be in.

3) Decide on how big or small of a wedding you’d like to have.

Some people love to have huge wedding celebrations with a lot of people, while others love small intimate weddings. It would be great to decide this early on so that you’re able to plan according to your wedding size. Also, as you begin looking for venues and working with vendors, they will all ask how many guests you are expecting. So, prepare your guest count early on in the planning phase.

 4) Set a preliminary wedding budget with your fiancé.

Heavy on the preliminary budget because with weddings, costs can change for the smallest additions. Setting a budget ahead of time can help you to properly plan within your means. We all have these lavish Pinterest boards with our dream wedding décor; however, the truth of the matter is weddings are expensive! Knowing your budget can also help to determine how big or small of a wedding you should have. So really, you can set your budget prior to step 3, deciding on how many guests you would like to pay for.

Full warning: Prepare your pockets, because it’s going to be a fun but expensive ride.

5) Lastly, decide on hiring a Wedding Planner or DIY Planning.

Wedding planning is a lot of work, but if you’re organized and have a do-it-yourself personality, you can for sure plan your own wedding. Just know that you will have to be very hands on, very organized and have the bandwidth to fully plan. If you want to give off your ideas and wants and relax during the planning process, then I would advise hiring a Wedding Planner. 

A few things to note for both options:

Planning your own wedding: You are the point person for everything. So, you should expect to receive all of the communications, phones calls and emails regarding the wedding. You will review all of the contracts and make all the decisions. There are a lot of free online wedding checklists to use to help aide you in the process. There are also wedding planner notebooks that you can purchase to help guide you along your planning process. Please click here to find a popular wedding planning notebook and organizer from The Knot. If you plan your own wedding, we advise hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator. You, as the bride cannot be everywhere all the time on your wedding day, so it is vital for you to hire a team to run the show so that you can kick back and enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor.

Hiring a Wedding Planner: If you hire a Wedding Planner, you’re able to sit back and allow them to do the heavy lifting with the wedding planning. Although you will have to include them in your budget, it will be worth saving you some of the stress that comes with planning yourself. Also, many Wedding Planners are greatly connected with other vendors such as décor teams, productions teams etc. So, they may be able to find teams that are able to accommodate your requests and budgets. Wedding Planners also know how to read through vendor contracts and identify key things to be mindful of.

Welp, there you have it. Five things you can do to jumpstart your wedding planning process. We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful. Please be on the lookout for future wedding related blogpost.

Happy wedding planning, Sis!
xoxo – Jazmin, Bridal Babes Blogger
IG: @jazminkward

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